This is what matter most to me! Restful children, happier parents :-)

My husband and I are so thankful for your support and plan. It's really made the biggest difference in Niamh's personality and it's been so nice for us to have an 'easy' baby after a very difficult first 3 months.

Lauren, from Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you so very much for all your help to assist us in getting George into a good sleep routine. You not only took a holistic approach for George’s age and development, but you considered our whole family’s needs in producing an individualized plan. 

Whilst George did not respond to the initial method, we felt you listened to us and provided another solution (which worked) but we couldn’t have achieved this without your support. Your expertise and commitment to us through the whole process was so valued and we appreciated your help so very much.

We all wish you every success in your career as a sleep consultant-the families will be lucky to have you.

Katherine, from the UK.

Gi, sem palavras para te agradecer por ter conseguido o que eu considerava impossivel: fazer minha filha dormir sozinha, sem precisar balançar o carrinho ou estar ao lado dela. Muito mais fácil e rápido do que imaginei. Isso nos proporcionou um bem-estar incalculável.
Menos stress, ganho te tempo e bebê com sono saudável e rotina estabelecida.
Muito obrigada e sucesso na sua jornada!

Nathalie, from the Gold Coast, Australia.

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