How does Tommy and Me Sleep Training work?

Personalized Sleep Plan + One hour call via Zoom + Support for up to 14 days.

Step 1: Contact us and provide your email. 

Step 2: I will send a Questionnaire for you to fill out detailing the child's current sleep scenario.


Step 3: Within 24 hours after receiving the Questionnaire I will contact you via WhatsApp or email to answer questions and provide payment details.

Step 4: Within 48 hours of receiving payment you will receive the Personalized Sleep Plan that includes suggestions regarding: 


how to sleep more and better during the day 


according to the age and commitments of the parents 

Feeding and Solids

 how food and / or milk can optimize sleep 

Night's sleep

suggestions for sleeping all night, depending on age


Sleep environment

adjustments in the bedroom and clothes to facilitate and prolong sleep 

Sleep Technique

how to achieve the sleep goal you have for your child 

Any other aspect that is affecting the child's sleep 

Parents' goals in relation to the child's sleep 

Step 5: After you and dad/mom have read the Plan, I will call you to answer your questions and change the Plan if necessary. 

Step 6: Start of the implementation of the Sleep Plan on the date chosen by the parents. Support in the implementation of the Plan via WhatsApp, Zoom and e-mail for up to 14 days. 

*If you live on the Gold Coast and wish to have your current scenario accessed in person, we can arrange a visit for a small fee.

I want everyone in my family to sleep better!