Frequently Asked Questions

I bought my plan. What do I do now?

You'll receive an email from me asking you to fill out a detailed form regarding your baby/toddler sleeping habits. Then, after I receive the filled out form from you, I'll ask you a few more questions if needed. After 48 hours you'll receive the Personalized Sleep Plan. Your 14 Day Support starts on the day you implement the plan for the first time.

How can I be sure me and my partner are ready for sleep training?

First thing parents need to consider is if they really want to change one or more unhealthy habits their children might be having because a successful sleep training is measured by how much parents are engaged and consistent with the changes agreed.
Do not worry, I'll guide you through the process in a kind and respectful way.

If you can’t find your question above, get in touch with us - we’re happy to help.