Living my Purpose

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Hi there!

My name is Giovanna and my loving son's name is Thomas. I'm a proud Brazilian mom living on the Gold Coast, Australia, since 2014. 

Motherhood has been my passion since I was a little girl, and everything regarding this subject always caught my attention. I grew up taking care of younger cousins and worked as a babysitter in the United States for a year between 2003-2004. 

When I fell pregnant I started to prepare for the most joyful journey of my life. I read lots of different baby books, talked to other mothers and had lots of plans in regarding my baby's routine, environment, feeding, approach, just like many moms-to-be do.

I became a mother in 2017 and, as my baby was growing, I felt more empowered to achieve the goals I had in mind, thanks to LOVE, CONSISTENCY, PATIENCE and a SUPPORTIVE FATHER.

My friends and family noticed how easy and quick it was for my baby to fall asleep and self resettle to sleep. I started to give my friends advice and to help them with their children.


I then decided to study Infant and Child's Sleep in 2019 and have an in-depth knowledge on how the environment, feeding, routine, parenting style also affect the quality of sleep. In 2020 I opened my business and have helped dozens of families so far in a kind and tailored way, always respecting the parent's style, helping and motivating them to achieve their family sleep goals.

My son has changed my life in so many ways and after I sleep trained him I gained the confidence I've always wanted to have as a mother, as a professional and in other areas of my life too. 

I hope I can help you achieve a lighter side of motherhood too!