Tested and approved method for your baby to self settle to sleep, in a loving and respectful way.


Who is the Sleep Mentoring for?

Mothers who want to stop feeding and/or rocking to sleep; 

Parents who are tired, sleep deprived, and want a smoothier household environment for their family;

Parents who want a predictable, yet not rigid,  routine for their babies.

What you will achieve during the Sleep Mentoring:


It's been proven scientifically that babies who have a restorative sleep develop better physical, neurological and emotionally.


When you help your child to have more independency (in a loving way), he/she feels secure and this sense of security goes back to you!

This also helps fathers to engage more to the baby's care. 


 You must take care of yourself, resume your hobbies and also have time for your partner. Remember that your emotional totally influences your baby's emotional state.


Check out what moms are saying about their experience with my Mentoring.

My husband and I are so thankful for your support and plan. It's really made the biggest difference in Niamh's personality and it's been so nice for us to have an 'easy' baby after a very difficult first 3 months.

Lauren, from Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you so very much for all your help to assist us in getting George into a good sleep routine. You not only took a holistic approach for George’s age and development, but you considered our whole family’s needs in producing an individualized plan. 
Whilst George did not respond to the initial method, we felt you listened to us and provided another solution (which worked) but we couldn’t have achieved this without your support. Your expertise and commitment to us through the whole process was so valued and we appreciated your help so very much.
We all wish you every success in your career as a sleep consultant-the families will be lucky to have you.

Katherine, from the UK.

Don't worry!
If, after 14 days of Mentoring, you are not satisfied with the results, I will include another 7 days of support, at no cost to you, to make the necessary adjustments.

I want everyone in my family to sleep better!